Our Team 


Dr Emma Baple 
Dr Carole Brewer
Dr Bruce Castle
Dr Emma Kivuva (Lead Clinician)
Dr Julia Rankin 
Dr Charles Shaw-Smith
Dr Claire Turner
Prof Peter Turnpenny 

Specialist Registrars:
Dr James Fasham
Dr Lettie Rawlins

Genetic Counsellors:
Matilda Bradford
(GCRB Registered*)
Sandra Cookson
Sarah Everest
Vicky Hunt (GCRB Registered*)
Nicol Lambord
Andrea Rotchell (GCRB Registered*)
Anne Searle
Cerian Tiley
Maggie Thomas

* Registered with the Genetic Counsellor Registration Board

STP Trainees:
Harriet Copeland
Makaela Jacobs-Pearson

Genetics Research Team:
Debbie Fuller (research admin assistant)

Cluster Manager:
Kath Maguire

Admin Line Manager
Bud Webb

Appointments Team
Anne Hemus (Team Leader)
Janice Beaumont
Jane Dignum (bank admin)

Adele Gambie
Karen Hill
Sue O'Connor
Ewa Suslo (bank admin)

Family History Team
Sandie Brant (Team Leader)
Amy Beard

Debbie Murch (Team Leader)
Samphire Bartholomew
Catriona Collins
Christie Madge
Caroline Shaw
Carol Spearey

Plymouth office
Suzanne Kedzia
Sandra Smith

Truro office
Tamsin Pullen
Paula Simons

Molecular Genetics Laboratory:
Prof Sian Ellard (Head of Laboratory)

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